About Me

I am a holistic healing coach that uses my therapy skills to assist my clients to be more mindful of the behavior that is keeping them small, out of alignment, and unable to enjoy their lives free of toxic partners and burnout.


I came to this career after healing myself from burnout and working through my childhood history of narcissistic abuse. I had grown up gay feeling very alone, unseen and unheard in my family. I never felt safe. Despite that, I worked exceptionally hard in whatever I threw myself into and always found myself burning out and doing things for others that I didn't enjoy. 


It was only when I took a mindful-based approach to my situation did I find everything changed for me. I began to see how my childhood had set me up to fail, my previous business was fueled by a need to prove myself for love and that I needed to unlearn my people pleasing, raise my self-esteem, self-love, self-worth and overcome my lifelong trauma.

Now, feeling secure, continuously working on my own healing journey, I love healing fellow high-achievers to have the life they've always wanted without coming from a place that's needing to prove. I have been able to create a life of financial freedom and I feel extremely grateful to have healed a lot of the family trauma I've experienced and feel a great deal of inner peace. I no longer feel like I'm chasing success, I feel VERY successful everyday with the the clients I get to help in healing them of their trauma and allowing them to achieve healthy, secure relationships, financial freedom, no more burnout and a life free of anxiety and people pleasing.  

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"If we don't deal with our trauma now, our trauma will deal with us."

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My Mission

Growing up, I felt the urge to work as hard as I could, I excelled in everything I set my mind to, and most of my actions were completely out of alignment with who I am and what I am here to do. I tried to change the world and I had to humbly accept that it was too much of a mission when I really needed to change myself and work on my inner child and reparent myself so I could do the same for my clients.

My mission is to heal fellow high achievers who are looking to be in alignment with themselves, to heal from the trauma of past relationships, and to step into the life they've always yearned for without feeling anxiety over their successes and feeling like they're not good enough.  

Also, as a gay man, I didn't see many relatable role models. Our community of gay men has unique challenges and we often don't see relatable gay stories that inspire us to seek better relationships that are more meaningful for us. It's also made more challenging given the lack of gay relationship coaches and counselors.

This is why I work in this field to help support the men of our community to become the role models for younger generations and to provide the inspiration needed to help men face and overcome their shame, loneliness, and lack of connection. I hope to inspire the men in our community to be kinder to themselves, more forgiving, and also more open to the connection of others around them.